No Evidence that C-134’s Doors/Windows are the Source of Water Intrusion

The e-string and photos below (from April 2010 to June 2010) captures the Hoyle’s, C-134 owners, repeated attempts to get a response from AIM/ASRC/Ashwell about what needed to be fixed.

The Hoyle’s hired window/door Leak Detection Specialists who tested C-134’s doors and windows and found no deficiencies or “corroded thresholds.”  The window/door repairmen who came to “do repairs” indicated that there was nothing in need of repair.

After multiple requests from the Hoyle’s (noted below) Mr. Jost and Mr. Chapman met with the Hoyle’s at C-134 in June 2010 to identify what they perceived was in need of repair.  They brought Mr. Ashwell. 

Mr. Ashwell would not answer any questions about what needed to be repaired, nor would he identify any element of the door(s) or window(s) he believed was faulty.  He was disruptive and interrupted what otherwise could have been a productive meeting with AIM.

The only comment Mr. Ashwell kept repeating was “I am hired by the Board.”  We understand that to mean his opinions reflect the direction he is given by the Board and/or one of its members. 

Mr. Ashwell interrupted the meeting abruptly and left about 5 minutes after entering C-134.  He urged AIM to follow him out the door (which they did) before any constructive dialogue had a chance to develop.


Begin forwarded message:

From: Brigid Hoyle <>

Subject: Fwd: Please show us what needs to be repaired on C-134 doors and windows

Date: June 1, 2010 11:48:31 AM EDT


Cc:,,,,,,,,,,,,, Dyck Poland <>, Jean Curtin <>,

Hi Jeff and Scott,

We have not heard back from Tom regarding last week's request that he come by C-134 and show us and our window/sliding glass door repairmen what needs to be repaired.  We received a certified letter from Tom dated February 10, 2010 indicating that a January 22nd architectural inspection of C-134 "revealed severe corrosion has penetrated the thresholds" of all four sliding glass doors and windows in our condo.  The letter went on to state that these corroded thresholds are allowing water intrusion into the common element structure below and instructs us as follows:

"In order to eliminate the water intrusion through these thresholds, you must either repair the door, replace the door or install hurricane shutters to eliminate this water intrusion"  We have hired window and sliding glass door repairmen who have been unable to find any evidence of corrosion on these thresholds.  We also hired leak detection specialists who could not identify the subject corrosion and advised us that, because our thresholds are made of aluminum; they are corrosion resistant.  

We wish to repair the sliding glass doors and windows per Tom's letter and request your help pointing out the specific areas in need of repair.  Would either of you, or Tom, or someone from the ASRC Board please stop by our C-134 condo at the Amelia Surf and Club at your earliest convenience to identify any needed repairs so that we and our contractors know precisely what needs to be fixed?  We seek your guidance and need an actionable plan so that we can address your concerns regarding water intrusion.

If an inspection report was generated as a result of the January 22nd please forward it to us, as previous requests for this report have gone unanswered.  We look forward to meeting with you and discussing this issue in person.  We are available at your convenience as this is a priority for us.  We would appreciate a reply by tomorrow.

Below are a couple of pictures of the sliding glass door thresholds to help you understand our difficulty in identifying the "severe corrosion" discussed in Tom's letter.


Best regards, 

Jeff and Brigid Hoyle | Mobile # 904-321-7276 | E-mail:

From: Brigid Hoyle <>

Date: May 28, 2010 5:43:04 AM PDT

To: Tom Jost <>


Subject: Please show us what needs to be repaired on C-134 doors and windows

Hi Tom,

Would you please swing by our Amelia Surf and Racquet Club condo, C-134 at your earliest convenience and show us what needs to be repaired?  We are finding it difficult identify what components of the doors and or windows ASRC believes are the cause of water intrusion to the condo beneath ours.  If you would be so kind as to point that out to us in person, we could remedy it.  

We have window and door repairmen over here who need specific guidance on what they should be repairing.  Thus far the only water intrusion issues that have been identified are coming from holes and other deterioration on the roof of C building and the weep holes Blanchard plugged on their last visit which prevents water from draining.  In the absence of an actionable report calling out what window and or door repairs are needed, the repairmen do not know what to repair.  If such a report exists may we have a copy as originally requested in the e-mail of April 15th below?

All the Best, 

Brigid Hoyle | Mobile # 904-321-7276 | E-mail:

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From: Brigid Hoyle <>

Date: April 15, 2010 2:30:09 PM PDT


Cc: '

Subject: Request for January 22, 2010 Inspection Report on C-134

Hi Tom,

Please e-mail me Steven Ashwell's January 22, 2010 inspection report on C-134.  We look forward to talking with you and the Board on Saturday, April 17th at 8:30am PDT (11:30am EDT).

Best Regards,

Brigid Hoyle | Mobile # 904-321-7276 | E-mail: